Sunday, March 12, 2017

Kill Team (Alpha Legion vs Chaos Space Marines)

Today, a battle report from Round 1 of our local Kill Team tournament. We are using modified Kill Team rules, particularly in reference to army selection (e.g., no more than two fliers, two heavy weapons, etc.; basically if its anything other than a "normal" troops selections, then you can only have 2 of them at most. And no named HQs, as might be expected).

I am running an Alpha Legion 30k Kill Team. The one draw back here is that I cannot infiltrate more than two marines (the rule of two applies here as well). So I opt for counter attack instead. Meanwhile, the Chaos Space Marines have a particular Khorne flavour to them (they're a borrowed force - the enemy miniatures belong to me! So no excuses.). I'll leave you to watch the video, but I will note that there were some dire die rolling going on in this game!

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