Monday, February 20, 2017

Warhammer World: The Pilgrym

"A being of supreme psychic might, yet still but an infant, the Pilgrym has been brought to the soil of Terra by Lorde Castor Marguardt. This mysterious power could prove instrumental in the plots of those who scheme on the soil of Terra, from strange gutter-cults to factions of the Inquisition possessed of the seemingly incredible belief that they might use the Pilgrym to unshackle the God-Emperor from his Golden Throne."

"A seven month `collaborative storytelling game' undertaken by friend from around this world, this display features an array of amazingly detailed models, and incredible gaming board, influenced by the evocative artwork of John Blanche.

The board is in two parts -- the processional steps and the Imperial Shrine created by Mikael Silvanto and the Botanicarium built by Stefan Darlan Boris and Rune Nielsen."

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Warhammer World: The Burning of Prospero

One of the newer exhibits inside Warhammer World is the Burning of Prospero. Given that Inferno is available for pre-order this weekend, I thought I would upload my images of this display board. 

There are plenty of nice features on the board, ranging from the spilt plant pots through to the battle scenes themselves. Leman Russ is very dynamic in this regard, as is the Space Wolves leviathan ripping apart a contemptor. There's so many nice touches, I just wished the board was a little bigger! [I think I have a video of this display somewhere on disk as well -- I'll try to dig that out at a late date!].

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Genestealer Cults Review: Leman Russ Squadron

Stolen directly from the Imperial Guard of the `host' planet, the Leman Russ battle tank is well-known for what it does on the battlefield across the Warhammer 40,000 Universe.

This is a great tank! Excellent front armour, great side armour and versatile set ups. I don't really dislike much about them overall. I guess it ultimately depends on the kinds of opponent that one expects to face. Having said, that, some of the pie plates do rely on BS=3, so that's not so awesome. A large number of shots would be better to ensure a few hits arguably. But I still like and respect the Leman Russ.

The rear armour is only 10. But you all knew that, right?

There are a lot of builds to consider here. What is below is just a sub-sample of the ones that appeal to me personally.

Leman Russ, Eradicator, heavy flamer (120 points).
This basic battle tank is really versatile. I like the flamers for defence and assault roles. The eradicator nova is a mid-range beast that can bring the hurt in numbers to Imperial Guard, Eldar, and the like.

Leman Russ, Exterminator, heavy bolter sponsons (140 points).
A lot of dakka here to get around the BS=3 issue. Not much not to like really!

Leman Russ, Vanquisher, Multi-melta sponsons (155 points).
Heavy, high strength shots at long range is still awesome no matter what enemy one is facing. However, the BS=3 is a really big issue here though. That said, certain builds of the cult armies could outflank this beast, so the above build is equipped with multi meltas to help take advantage of this. Add an extra lascannon if the points allow.

Leman Russ, Battle Cannon (150 points).
Large blasts and large ranges. Very nice. Add plasma cannon sponsons if desired? A hunter killer missile as well? Perhaps a lascannon too?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Genestealer Cults Review: Goliath Rockgrinders

As the name suggests, the rock grinder grinds rocks. This is made evident by the grindy rock drill dozer on the front designed for the grinding of rocks.

Its chassis is in common with the Goliath Truck and is a bit of an upgrade from said truck. Like most things in the Cults armoury, it has been stolen, adapted and put to use of the day of light when the cult springs forth from the darkened mines that they have long been labouring in.

Most obviously, the Rockgrinder has a better armour rating than the goliath truck and is not open topped. Arguably it will be hanging around longer. And (rules as written), it can transport purestrain genestealers.

The rugged construction is a nice boon in common with the truck that provides a "save" of sorts against crew shaken, stunned and vehicle immobilised results.

Unlike the truck, this is not an open topped vehicle. Whilst this is a strength in terms of not dying quicker, clearly it also means that any transported cultists cannot assault out of it so readily.

The weapons are not much to write about here. Although the strength is good, the BS is really what makes this less than tempting overall. I can see a good use for the clearance incinerator option though. The torrent is very nice and the flamer template bypasses the poor BS of the vehicle.

Not many options here, but here are two.

Rockgrinder with a cache of demolition charges (80 points).
Yeah, they're okay. Nothing special though. And one could subtract off the charges to save on valuable points to be honest.

Rockgrinder with clearance incinerator (80 points).
I like these ones due to the torrent. Several of these can be very nice in a squadron. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Inferno Friday

Forge World announced today that Inferno would be hitting the proverbial shelves on Friday this week! Yay! After all this time, I can scarcely believe that it is finally happening! Can't wait to get my order in and get the goods. Just shut up and take my money, frankly.

Okay, in all seriousness though, I'm not a Space Wolves player. I regularly play against a Space Wolves opponent locally, and I used to have a similar frenemy when I lived in Australia as well. Here's hoping that they invest in Leman Russ et al though.

No, for me the interest is certainly focussed on the Thousand Sons. Not only their rules (which have been previewed on other blogs elsewhere), but also their background. They are fairly unique across all of the legions in many regards. And they are a legion whose loyalty to the Emperor and the Imperium was so very solid. This for me makes their downfall all the more terrible. By this, I mean that I have little sympathy for the Night Lords fluff -- they were always monsters and likely on the edge of censure. I can feel sorry for the World Eaters and their mutilated master. They had little choice. The Death Guard just wanted justice across the Galaxy (well, Mortarion did at any rate). But the story of the Thousand Sons having little other option is one that will be good to read through.

I'm also looking forward to the Custodes and the Sisters of Silence. Although I won't be collecting Custodes, I might invest in some Sisters to support my (obviously loyal) Alpha Legion. And I will be looking at the special units of both Space Wolves and Thousand Sons legions with a view to whether they would be good with Coils of the Hydra as well.

Okay, enough gibbering from me for one day. Roll on Friday!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Alpha Legion Kill Team Army List

Following on from yesterday's post about the Genestealer Cult Kill Team that I built, today is the turn of the Alpha Legion Kill Team list. Although I wanted to squeeze in a headhunter or two as they seemed very appropriate and fluffy, I knew about the genestealers that I would be facing and therefore wanted something a bit less pricey. So, here's the list.

10 legion tactical squad marines, including 1 vexilla, 1 sergeant with power fist and melta bombs (155 points).

2 heavy support marines with missile launchers (66 points).

2 assault marines (34 points).

1 terminator with thunder hammer (45 points).

The plan here is to be maximally flexible. The heavy support marines set up where they can and use their missile launchers against either armour or infantry clusters.

The assault marines (recent picture of painting progress above, but still needs finishing!) provide a quick moving element to capture any objectives as required or engage lesser enemies. 

The rest of the marines are fundamentally still space marines and can take most things on. The fury of the legion on the tactical marines is just the icing on the proverbial cake. The terminator simply adds to the punch where required. 
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