Saturday, April 29, 2017

CNC Sci-Fi Admin Block

CNC miniatures are an Australia based company that are now one of many who produce MDF based 28mm terrain. They have a wide range of products on their shelves now and I have been buying from them since I lived Down Under a long while ago. UK based analogues can readily be had from companies such as TTCombat, but I still have a soft spot for CNC to say the least.

One of their recent products that I picked up were the Science-Fiction building range. I have a small bunch of these and this is just one of the range -- the administration block. 

The product comes in a sealed A4 set of three sheets. Fresh out of the wrapping, they have a characteristic "burnt" smell to them thanks to the MDF cutting process. (Fair warning to those of you out there with partners who don't like such odd smells around the house … just saying!).

The parts are very finely lasered out of the MDF sheet. There are a few tags still attached to the sheets to keep them in the frame, but these are trivial to break and get the bits out. This is significantly different to the technology that they were using ten (or so) years ago where the tabs were very significant and required a hobby knife to set them free (much like modern GW plastics). These ones are literally push out style for the main part. The remaining tabs can be sanded down to be perfectly flat if required, but for the most part, I don't find that necessary. 

The final photo shows the reverse angle compared to the one at the top. All of the MDF has been glued together very easily with PVA glue and there are plenty of extras left over for any extra bits that one might like to add to this model or any other. The product is very sturdy overall and I'm very pleased. I'm uncertain if I'll actually paint them just yet (MDF notoriously absorbs paint readily and I don't really want to coat it in more PVA to provide a layer for it to stick to better) … I feel their current colour is actually well suited to the kind of terrain that I want -- a sandy based frontier world. But more on that particular terrain board at a later date once I've created more buildings for it. 

Friday, April 28, 2017


Cancellation. After much deliberation, we are taking the heart-breaking choice of cancelling the two day format Horus Heresy event in June. We will write directly to those people who are affected by this; at least no cash has changed hands at this point, so we wanted to make this choice early given the UK public holiday on Monday. 

The main reason for this is timing -- the dates simply didn't suit many external players. Thank you so much for your support in this event -- it has been very much appreciated. 

We will be replacing it with a 1 day format 40k tournament on June 3rd for anyone still interested, and may attempt a full two day format Horus Heresy event again later in the year (October in all likelihood, but to be decided).

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Old Computer Fan Scenery and a Rookie Mistake

On a roll with the scenery at the moment, and with some old parts too. In the image below, you can see the remains of a very old computer fan. I have torn off the last remnants of cable and mounting (including screws) from the fan so that there is only the casing and the fan itself left. It is resting on top of some blue styrene cut to size.

It is at this point that I made a stupid rookie error of judgement. Seriously, I am totally embarrassed to tell you what I did next. 

I got a can of chaos black spray paint and tried to undercoat it.

For those of you not in the know, spray paint dissolves styrene, rather than coats it in a nice layer of paint. I could have kicked myself for this. How did I not remember that spray paint accelerant does this? Such a stupid move really. And one that I should have totally avoided. Please learn from my mistakes! Ha!

Anyway. I did a rescue plan. I mounted four squares of cut plastic on each side of the remaining cube and glued them in to place with a generous amount of PVA glue and a few prayers to the modelling pantheon. 

It worked, by the edges really didn't look right. So I got hold of some drinking straws, sliced them up and fixed them to the corners of the mounting cube and painted them black too. The image below shows the final state of the computer fan cubes. I'll give them a bit more of a silver dry brushing, but they're basically done at this stage -- a terrain piece that blocks line of sight and looks very appropriate for a forge world style game board. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Shardwrack Spines

Continuing a bit of a scenery theme, today some Shardwrack Spines. These are distinctly my favourite entry in the Death World Forest boxed set by a good margin. The reason for this is not only their design, but their comparative simplicity. The plastic effectively comes in two bits -- the bases, and the spines themselves. Many of the spines are one bit in and of themselves as they overlap with other spines poking out of the ground. 

The image below shows my completed set of Shardwrack Spines set on one of my more marsh / swamp like boards where I think they complement the background very well.

The painting follows the theme presented by Games Workshop's painting team. The base of the spines are a dark brown colour, the lower portions of the upright spines are dull green, and the upper parts of the upright spines are a crimson red. These elements are blended together with selective use of inks and washes. Parts of the scenery have been dry brushed (particularly the base parts), and I've added some detail on the "spots" of the bark. I've no idea what these spots are supposed to be, so I picked them out in light green and orange. I think it works reasonably well and looks suitably alien.

Just for completeness, the second image (below) shows the spines freshly assembled. There are limited spines involved, and I (accidentally) glued similar spines to both types of bases. If I get more of these dangerous plants, then I will certainly mix up the differently shaped parts more. 

In terms of dimensions, the spines are over twice the height of a standard space marine, and they provide reasonable cover … albeit dangerous cover. I wonder how they will work in 8th? I hope they're going to think about how the rules for scenery will interact with the new rules given that the boxed sets like the Death World Forest come with rules supplied for the scenery elements. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dinosaur Bones

A long time ago, I owned one of those "dig it up yourself" fossil boxes. If that means nothing to you, then consider this product: a plastic dinosaur that you have to assemble, that has been encased in a large blob of sandstone (or some kind of hard filler at any rate!) and you are given a scraping tool to "reveal" the skeleton of.

It takes a serious amount of time and effort to get the skeleton out. I guess that is the point at some level though!

And I've had this dinosaur model knocking around my bits box for literally years since I excavated it from its original confines. I then found that the bones sat nicely on some of the MDF cut outs that I owned from CNC miniatures.

So, what is a guy like me to do with this? Well, the answer was simple. Re-encase in some limited amount of filler, paint it up, decorate with flock and add a couple of small, space marine sized trees around the edge. 

Hey presto and its done! A bunch of dinosaur bones scatter terrain that would look good on many grassy themed gaming boards!

Monday, April 24, 2017

40k 8th Ed. Broadcast Digest

I am sorry to say that I didn't take notes (I was on public transport), but here are a few points from the 40k broadcast on 8th edition that I was listening to just now.

* There is a rebate available if you've purchased a codex or rules book within the past 8 weeks (of the announcement of 8th).

* templates are gone.

* 40k will get some Age of Sigmar'ing -- there will certainly be annual generals handbooks.

* on release, there will be 5 (I think I heard that right) faction books available. There will be digital releases.

* all current units and models will be playable.

* don't stress about factions not being there on the 40k website at the moment -- they are still in.

* there are 14 odd force organization charts available. more bonuses available for themed armies (perhaps even not taking allies will generate more bonuses).

* each chart will generate different amounts of command points.

* command points purchase one-offs (re roll a die; activate your unit in close combat even if you would be going last due to being charged)

* 3 ways to play (see Age of Sigmar).

* TWO points systems: one for a very granular level (tournament play) and one for a broad brush stroke power level analysis (narrative play).

* the current death stars may be a thing of the past -- the ability to spread bonuses to units will only affect units with certain keywords associated with them (see Age of Sigmar!).

* no unit stat is capped at ten.

* no armour values for tanks! I guess they will have wounds greater than 10!

* sped up gameplay -- 1500 pts in about 1.5 hours.

* there has been plentiful playtesting and it is "very balanced".

Anyone remember anything else?

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